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Little Queraisyah’s name means ‘Warrior Princess,’ and she has been living up to her name since birth. Born with half a brain, Queraisyah was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disorder and was unlikely to live past the age of one.

She was referred to the HCA Star PALS programme and was able to return home, the most comforting place for her and her mother, Yanti.

Under this programme, our medical team provides regular home visits to manage Queraisyah’s condition and support Yanti at no charge to the family. As the sole breadwinner and caregiver of her special-needs child, this meant that Yanti could focus on her time with Queraisyah, rather than worry about medical costs.

Fast forward to today, three-year-old Queraisyah has surpassed her initial life expectancy. However, this Warrior Princess is still fighting for her life. Thankfully, with the help of generous donors, Queraisyah and Yanti still has a team of HCA care professionals in their corner to provide medical, financial and psychosocial support through this journey.

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A Good Day

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As the end draws near, it becomes ever more pressing to create more good days and to make each moment count. The “A Good Day” project delves into intimate moments and explores patients’ hopes, dreams and desires, in the last lap of life. For late HCA patient Mdm Annie Hoor, holding a final exhibition for her favourite artworks was her way of sharing her passion and leaving a legacy of hope for her loved ones.

Over several visits, HCA Art Therapist Kimo Ong quickly built rapport with Annie, who was happy to share the stories behind her paintings with a fellow art enthusiast. These conversations eventually culminated in Taking Flight, a month-long posthumous exhibition showcasing a selection of Annie’s favourite artworks, depicting travel adventures and the interesting birds she would encounter on her walks. Annie’s family also placed a pot of orchids at the exhibition, which was accompanied by a loving note on how proud they were of her.

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